Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator


We’re looking for a team member who cares about their work and the impact they will have on our business. Our marketing coordinator should view marketing efforts through the lens of the customer and strive to improve the customer experience. In fact, we would rather our coordinator pause a marketing initiative to improve a component of the customer experience. Our ideal coordinator will be able to understand the big picture, be highly adaptable, be thorough, and have consistent follow-through. The marketing coordinator should also have an awareness of the types of marketing tasks that should be outsourced and which can be handled in-house. 


  • Work directly with ownership to understand marketing initiatives. These initiatives include, but are not limited, to the following:
    • Ongoing customer experience improvements, such as improving the booking process or website experience
    • Improve website experience and search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Moving and storage service advertising, as well as driver recruitment advertising, using Adwords, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Yelp, Indeed, and email campaigns
    • Provide local managers with assistance in grassroots marketing campaigns by providing digital and physical marketing collateral for distribution
  • Meet marketing initiative timelines
  • Interview, vet, and engage with quality vendors to assist with meeting marketing initiatives and timelines

Ideal Candidate Qualities

  • Caring: Our employees must care about our people, their work, and positive change within our company.
  • Driven: We want employees who are serious about growing their careers and realize that effort, energy, and enthusiasm are needed to get there.
  • Eager to learn and adaptable: As a company that's growing and evolving quickly, you'll probably be asked to learn and pick up new things on the fly.
  • Consistency and follow-through: We're a small company, and you'll be managing yourself in most cases. We will depend on you to be routine and methodical with your work without frequent oversight.
  • Communicative: If something isn't working, needs improving, or you need help, we want you to communicate with us.

Candidate Qualifiations

Candidate must have a college degree in marketing or a related field.


  • Competitive pay
  • Investment matching
  • Generous and flexible PTO structure
  • Access to healthcare, dental, and vision insurance