Moving Tips

helpful tips for your moving day

Packing Tips

  • Donate or discard unneeded items to decrease packing required. Learn about our partnership with Move for Hunger.
  • Invest in quality moving boxes you can see our box prices here.
  • Don’t overpack a moving box. No more than 40 lbs / box.
  • Generally, the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Books, weights, canned goods, etc. should go in a small box.
  • Don’t leave empty space in boxes. Fill voids in boxes with loose paper or linens to secure items in boxes and to keep boxes from collapsing when stacked.
  • Boxes should not bulge after being sealed
  • Every piece of art should be boxed or transported with you personally.
  • Every lamp shade should boxed or transported with you personally.
  • Use wardrobe boxes for packing clothes or transport your clothes personally.
  • Learn how to pack fragile dishware by visiting our site or researching online. Don’t skimp on packing paper when packing fragile items.
  • Pack a moving essentials tote with items that you will need as soon as you get to your new home like toiletries, towels, sheets, etc.
  • Start packing weeks in advance.
  • Give each room a different color packing label.
  • Repurpose household items like suitcases, laundry baskets, etc. for packing.
  • Place toiletries / liquids in a plastic bag to keep them from leaking on other items.
  • Don’t pack items from multiple rooms into one box. This will save time when unpacking.
  • Important / irreplaceable items and documents like birth certificates, social security cards, jewelry, cash, collectibles, etc. should be packed separately and carried with you.    

We look forward to working with you to make your move as easy as possible. Get a quick price to see our moving prices.